And when the answer is "no."

July 15, 2019

By Maria Mandarino

And so there are times when we have it all planned out. Our pencils are sharpened. We have index cards. Pretty color coordinated ones even. You know how many days the project will take. How many hours. You have your lunch and your snacks planned. 

And then you are made to understand it's not exactly going to work out that way. The pencils are nice. The colorful index cards are pretty. But you can put them away right now. You're being asked to do something a new way. 

I've been blogging on spirituality since 2014. The blog platform never really worked well for me though and I had decided a few years ago that when I had time to create a new website I also would have the blog transferred over to a new platform. 

I set time aside. I made an appointment with tech support two weeks before the big transition was supposed to happen. We were going to get this done and all my blog posts from 2014 would magically appear on this very page you are reading now. 

And then after nearly an hour on the phone with the very pleasant gentleman from tech support, it was determined that my old blog could not in fact be transferred over to this new platform, for reasons well beyond my technical understanding. What was clear though was the answer was no. It didn't matter how firmly my intent was planted, or how much time I had blocked from my schedule. Or even that I had adequate snacks lined up to sustain me. It wasn't happening. 

Add to this the irony that in the astrological world, Mercury is retrograde right now. It is said that technology can go awry during this period. I figure this is God's way of winking at me, of telling me, "It's okay, you may have a plan. I have another one. Go along with me."

Five years of writing is a long time and a lot of soul process. I admit to being uncomfortable with letting it go. I also know our best work happens when we get uncomfortable. That's true of writing. That's true of life. 

So let's all get uncomfortable together. 

I can't promise some of those old blog posts won't be recycled when the time might seem appropriate.

But otherwise, I'm taking this opportunity to turn a brand new page, to sit in the silence, to get a little uncomfortable, and see what God has planned. It's likely to be better than anything I could have put together anyway. 

Blessings and peace on your journey,

Maria Mandarino